Risk Statement- Project Summary -Creative Team-Timeline -the budget-market research-(film industry, the economy and film, future trends-history of independent distribution-what distributors do-we do everything to make the deal work-compare movies to others- by criteria and by objective financial analysis- using quantitative and qualitative reasoning

Table of Contents-

Risk Statement- a legal letter that covers all aspects of partnership and/ or investments.

Project Summary – A brief synopsis of the movie regarding the plot and characters.

Creative Team- All involved in the creation. List he director or producer, the cast, production staff, art direction, camera operators, sound operators and editor(s).

Timeline – from your FILMS’ Pre-production to Post-production by week

Preproduction- polish of screenplay, casting crew, location searching, allocate props- 3 weeks
4th week- most casting completed, commence rehearsals
6th week-financing complete, casting complete
8th week – have all crew, locations and props
9th -10th week – begin editing and production
15 week- production complete
Post Production- 16th-25th weeks – editing
25th-30th weeks- sound cutting, music composing, score music
30-40 weeks – all editing completed

2 months after – pursuing a distributor, film festivals, foreign sales agent
Profits will be distributed after 6 months and continue to be distributed every half year

The budget includes monetary figures of – the story, copyrights, the direction, the cast, legal, production staff, art direction, the Set, makeup, camera operators, sound operators, transportation, locations, total production expenses, total editing, publicity, festival expenses, insurance.

Trend Indicators and Market research

• The Film Industry= it’s history- it is what sells itself
• U.S Admissions Growth from the MPAA – talk about where the film industry is now and how it has been in profit up until now.
• Talk about Film and the Economy
• Talk about how Film has been unaffected by the economical swings for the most part

Future Trends- We can project 2008-2016 profits by film medium outlets below in Millions of Dollars by using qualitative data from 2001-2008 below. Numbers are in the millions.

2001 2008
Theatrical Rentals 4,405 9,021
Home Video 3,270 12,317
Broadcast Networks 596 816
Syndicated Television 141 146
Pay Television 1291 1866
Basic Cable 1420 2469
Merchandising/ Licensing 905 1298
PPV/VOD/DBS 433 3466
Hotel Airlines 70 119
2001 2008
Theatrical Rentrals 3279 5536
Home Video 5437 9617
Network TV/Syndication 2356 3527
Pay TV 2094 3090
Merchandising 1591 2420
PPV/Hotel/ Airlines 122 596

Then a History of Independent Film Distribution- Our history is in a blog post archive to prove your film in history will be successful.

Then a description of what the filmmaker thinks a distributor does to prove that the filmmaker is well informed about the industry.
Let the distributor know what acquisition executives do at a distribution company to get your film made and have a support staff to monitor and track the production, the end of the production and ticket sales from there.

Then what are we going to do everything to ensure a deal and we might even proceed without a distributor because of our success so far with audience attention (we don’t need you really) then if our movie sells big then we’ll know that the theater owner will move ours to a bigger theatre even if there is competition for a new movie. Independent movies like ours (Your film here) offer a big return on investment because they cost less to make.

Then income – budgeted actual and projected amounts by comparing other movies to what it might cost.

More to come..continued next blog



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  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Disarrange!!!

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for the quick response. Yes, the film is finished.

    Link to trailer:

    Does the 30% figure apply to dvd only deals? Also, does the distribution company take care of the marketing or is that up to the production company?

    I really appreciate your help.


  4. Brilliant overview on how to produce independently. I just completed a short production course for a tidy sum, you have covered at least 1/2 of what I learned.

  5. Hi Jonathan, can you please enlighten me on the timeline for world-wide distribution; specifically, when would a film be distributed and safely beyond the Producers’ and or Post Edit suite so that it will be a finished product and not subject to further snips with scenes on the cutting floor?
    Say if premiere is in July, when is it out the door ?


  6. Hi Jonathan,
    Can you please enlighten me as to the specifics of world-wide film distribution whereby the finished product will be safely beyond the Producers’ and or Post-Edit , say if the premiere is in July, when can one assume that all scenes remain and are not subjected to last minute trims that end up in the cutting floor?


  7. This is very fascinating, You’re an overly skilled blogger.
    I have joined your rss feed and stay up for in search of more of your magnificent post.
    Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

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