Marketing Your Film in a Print Ad in a Newspaper and/or Magazine

Most people like certain magazines and newspapers and if you have won a film festival and will be given a chance to exhibit, why not advertise your film in the newspaper? You can be just like the big guns of Hollywood and no one is stopping you. You can advertise your film as “coming soon to (insert the film festival here) between such and such date”.

Hollywood advertises all it’s movies as coming soon to a theatre near you and so can you.
How would you know what newspaper to advertise in? Even if you have a favorite newspaper or magazine don’t consider it with any other effort. Your marketing might be more efficient if you know just how many people at the highest read a newspaper. This can be understood with newspaper circulation data. Wikipedia published a page on the highest U.S Circulation of Newspapers and I picked the top ten, and out of those- one or two newspapers would be getting my advertisement. The Top ten are below or you can check out the Wikipedia page here :

# Newspaper City Largest Reported Circulation Owner
1 Usa Today MacLean, VA 2,524,965 Gannett Comapny
2 Wall Street Journal NY, NY 2,068,439 News Corporation
3 New York Times NY, NY 1,627,062 New York Times Company
4 Los Angeles Times Los Angeles, CA 1,173,096 Tribune Company
5 Chicago Tribune Chicago, IL 940,620 Tribune Company
6 Washington Post Washington, DC 929,921 Washington Post Company
7 New York Daily News NY, NY 775,543 New York Daily News
8 New York Post NY, NY 741, 099 News Corporation
9 Denver Post/ Rocky Mountain Press Denver, CO 704, 168 Media News Group/E.W. Scripps Company
10 Dallas Morning News Dallas, TX 702,135 Belo Company

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