Comparing Your Film to Other Films for the Film Distribution Process

When marketing/showing your film to a distributor, it is important to show other films in your genre similar to your film in sales, budget, average number of screens(if possible) worldwide gross and weeks in theatres. These are projected amounts and you should assume your film will have the same budget and all other requisites. Just like last post, which was analyzing box office info, we have a movie and all it’s numerical figures from box office results. I have chosen a very hard genre, which is docudrama and not as popular as high concept film. This film called “Touching the Void” is about mountain climbing and an intense documentary. This film’s budget wqs about 3 million dollars and may be similar to your film’s budget. I have found similar movies to “Touching the Void” and compared them using sites such as Box Office, and and our own proprietary system. Here is the results below. Try this with a sheet of paper or a new microsoft document in this same setup as below. Please reply to or add a comment below for any questions.

Movie Budget(in millions) Average Number of Screens Worldwide Gross
(in millions)
Touching the Void 1.5 million pounds (3 million dollars) 77 13 22
Everest 5 43 125 154
Shackleton’s Anartic Adventure 7 14 22 147
Climbing Cold Mountain 8 15 15 8
The Tom Whitataker Story: One Step at a Time 500,000 dollars 22 7 15
The Alps 3 18 7 6
Cerro Torre Schrei Aus Stein: Scream of Stone 500,000 dollars 9 10 19
The Man who Skied Down Everest 400,000 CAD 2 2 2

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