Using A Study of Popular Movie Audiences to Promote your Film.

The idea behind this study below is to see what the audience of America in 2007 watches the most of in movies. If a filmmakers movie falls into a medium to high percentage in one of these variables presented below, their movie will have a better chance of selling this year to a distribution company.
The results of a conducted objective study are from a total of 60 movies,, Blockbusters’ Top 20 rented movies and Amazon’s Top 20 bestselling movies. They were categorized into specific genres (gathered from, if they have 0-2 A-List actors and if they are Independent movies or Hollywood blockbuster movies.
If a filmmaker has an “A”- list charcter attached to the movie (for example, Jack Nicholson) they have a better chance of getting their film made because the actor sells the movie to the distribution company who makes a decision if audiences will buy it or not. A “B”- list actor will help the movie get made but is usually not as well known.
The results were calculated in percentages and you can take the highest to middle ranges as the most popular in the market. If you take three successful corporations and match their movie sales you can have qualitative research if your movie is to be a great buy in this market today.
The results out of 60 movies are below:

The Study Amount
and/or Amount in Genre
Percentage Share out
of 60 movies
Independent Movies 7 12%
Hollywood Movies 53 88%
0 A-List Actors 12 35%
1 A-List Actor 21 20%
2 A-List Actors 31 52%
Biography 6 10%
Drama 47 78%
Mystery 7 12%
Action 9 15%
Comedy 21 35%
Crime 13 22%
Thriller 19 32%
Romance 19 32%
Adventure 7 12%

The results show Hollywood movies are still produced more because of the successes and large money invested into distribution efforts. The 12% of independent movies that sell in the top 20 is likely to increase over time, with the advent of Internet legal movies being downloaded, DVD’s and pay-per-view. As far as attaching a list actor/actress to your project, you can see that 2 A – list actors appearing in a movie is about half of the most popular movies being seen.
1 A – list actor is enough to get your movie distribution with 21% total share and shockingly a 35 % total share of 0 A-list actors, so this is good news for low budget filmmakers without money for A-list actors.
With respect to the genres, most movies were combined two or more genres in the study. 78% of movies had drama that involves seriousness with narrative, which is the common movie genre with the comedy genre at second highest. As a filmmaker can see not much has changed since the Greek storytellers. It’s safe to say that if one genre takes up a third of the market share, you should have either drama, comedy, a thriller or romance theme added to the screenplay before you decide to distribute your own film.
Movies and films are promoted nowadays through such distribution channels such as movie theatres, platform releases, DVD’s and video on demand. These distribution channels are also audiences as they have influenced them democratically. The Independents and Hollywood have been distributing their films in a monetary number like fashion. By theatres or to DVD or to video on demand one after the other, in a structure with a few weeks to months between each medium release of the same concept. Henrig, Henrig-Thrau, Sattler, Eggers and Houston, writers of the “The Last Picture Show? Timing and Order of Movie Distribution Channels.” Say their “ empirical research results suggest that – studios that produce motion pictures can increase their revenues by up to 16.2% through sequential distribution timing and order changes”
Basically, they say that a filmmaker or distribution house should plan to distribute their movie through any and all possible channels all at once to achieve the most profit. A lump sum of all audiences and distribution channels might be the most appealing solution to recoup losses and make great profit as a filmmaker/indie producer.
If these authors of this journal have provided objective research of over 1770 consumers and have provided results, we should encourage these figures as represented below.
Movie theatres generate 23.7% of all studio revenues, 17.2% of all revenue is generated by DVD rentals and a whopping 57.1% is generated by DVD sales. We can infer from this information that we can make full profit by adding these figures together, instead of receiving additional funds over time. Note that you will always have additional funds over time and also the auxiliary market funds as well.
These authors say that simultaneous releases will hurt one channel over the other, should this be a careful decision on your part? Of course not, a filmmaker should be out for themselves as much as Hollywood is.


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