History of Film – 1920’s-1950’s : The Rise of Hollywood and the Fall of Hollywood.

I have heard that my film distribution history is a little long to be a blog, so I am shortening it for my readers. Enjoy!

In the late 1920’s owners that usually retained control of their studio system, started hiring supervisors to run day to day operations and organization started taking place in a producer unit system that included a general manager, executive manager, producer and supervisors. (Bargann, 350) They found that branching out the system by operating with a larger organization of people encouraged quality of movies especially for independents. In the late 1930’s Independents such as Walt Disney, Samuel Goldwyn and David Selznick owned their own studios but started distributing independently and not through the major companies because they refused to give up creative control and because Hollywood had a monopoly over talent and distribution methods. In the late 1930’s the federal government accuses the Hollywood majors of restraint of trade by controlling all means of production, distribution and theatres and shutting independents out. The lawsuit was put on hold for wartime reasons and then in the 1940’s the Government accuses the majors of monopolizing on the best talent and monopolizing on all movies by owning the theatres. The government calls for the studios to break ownership with the theatres. (Cobbles.com, 1) The studios break ownership with the theatres by force of the US government and the fall of Hollywood is inevitable.

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