Answer to: How to send out my film to a distributor?

Thanks Robert for your question.

There is a few things you must do to prepare your film for a distributor.

Firstly, you can find movie distributor links here and find their addresses from their respective websites. Then, follow their instuctions on how to send your DVD in to them. Most likely they will ask for some or all of the following steps to send them :

Secondly, is burning a DVD. This is elementary with Mac software like DVD Studio Pro. On Mac, if you are doing film editing, you can use Final Cut Pro and when you are finished editing, you will export the movie into .mov format or .avi format and easily bring these into DVD Studio Pro. Other DVD authoring such as menu creation and extras will be important to market your film and are slightly more complicated when creating this DVD, so seek help if your not sure how to do this.

Thirdly, is the cover artwork, your DVD cover. This can be created in Adobe Photoshop and exported into size with DVD Cover Creator. Still shots are also important. Pick your favorite still shots in the film! 5-10 will do. These will advertise your film and can be made into a small booklet with the help of any copy center.

Fourthly is your Press Release. Your Press release will be one to two pages long. It will be advertise the plot and sell their story to the distributor. (this is very important) Write quick and fast statements about the plot and don’t use run- on sentences. The press release will also contain the director, screenwriter and all the crew involved on a business letterhead. Also you should put the duration of the film and the film ratio as well (4:3- fullscreen, 16:9 widescreen). After this is said and done your ready to send.

One more note : Involve another letterhead saying that upon sending your DVD and it meets their approval, you will send a 30 page film distribution memorandum describing in detail every aspect of the film. For a complete step by step breakdown of a film distribution memorandum click here.

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