The Top Official Film Festivals To Send Your Film

In regards to film festivals, you may see many many film festivals to submit your film to. Unfortunately, you will see a greater percentage of unofficial film festivals than official. Also most film festivals work with the all the other film festivals and have a clause in their agreement that says if you submit your film to them, they own the exclusive premiere rights to showcase your film and you cannot show to another festival. This isn’t always the case, so check the film festivals’ rules and regulations before you enter and then you can make an informed decision.

The top official film festivals are Tribeca, Sundance, Cannes, Los Angeles, Berlin, Toronto, SXSW and AFI Fest.

Should you send your film to all top film festivals and receive a response, super!

If not, try to send to the intermediate official film festivals – Chicago International, Austin, Hamptons, Cine Vegas, Austin, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs.

This is not a full list, and there are many options, these are the just the most popular film festivals of the top of my head. WithoutaBox has a definitive list of all film festivals.

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6 thoughts on “The Top Official Film Festivals To Send Your Film

  1. I just wanted to say I really like your site.
    Very well done and informative. It is
    refreshing to see someone really put
    a spotlight on Independent Film in general !

  2. You can also add the Portland International Film Festival, they’ve had Oscar winning films debut here, to the intermediate official film festivals. Plus Portland, OR is becoming a film capital, and is one of the few places that premiere top-notch films (There Will Be Blood opened first in LA, New York, Toronto, and among few others, Portland).

    Just trying to spread the Portland respects.

    Nice blog, love it.


  3. Great post!

    Thanks for the list, it’s really pretty handy to know the top festivals. I’m just starting out as a filmmaker, but the one I’ve set my sights for is Sundance…just seems like one of those must-do things to submit a film.

    Awesome blog, keep it up ^^


  4. Amazing! Thanks for this!

  5. Top 5 film festivals in the world are so called “A”list festivals: Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Karlovy Vary, San Sebastian.

    These are festivals where international film buyers come to look for films and make distribution contacts.

    Festival # 1 is Cannes International Film Festival in France. Usually they find films that they want to show themselves, by sending out scouts.

  6. Good information to know, i am submitted to hamptons and am currently awaiting confirmation.

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