Film Idea: Symbolic Interactionism Boldly Seen in Peace Corps


Students in Georgia are excited. For the students that are not excited, you can see them searching The students that are excited are the Peace Corps Volunteers. They are entering primarily for public service mostly, while some other volunteers feel the great looking glass self in Symbolic Interactionism they get from serving.

The Symbolic Interactionism of the Peace Corps is prospected in the three core ideas of this theory: the meaning, language and thought, which are the base for the formation of the self and socialization.

The Peace Corps is acting on the meaning behind this theory with their symbol of the US in their trademark as well as sending these college graduates off US soil to places like Honduras, the Caribbean and Africa among many other places and these volunteers really assign a great value of meaning traveling to these places while volunteering and helping people. This social construction of reality lets these volunteers feel worldly in an aspect that is so important to them and behind their meaning of the Peace Corps.

Symbolic Interactionism’s core idea of language is clearly situated in the Peace Corp’s appeal to the volunteers that gives it a pleasant feeling of volunteering for the good of public service.

The thought core idea is inherent in the volunteer’s own interpretation of the symbol again in their trademark, and also in the opinionated intents of the Peace Corp’s volunteers. In this article, Bridget French wants to join because of her interests of environmental protection and disaster management where she will work with a protected areas management program in Honduras. Anya Hamrick thought to join because of her contact with unfortunate people during her upbringing and wants to give back on her first chance. She will be a non-government adviser in the Caribbean. Mikell Gleason had an intent to join the Peace Corps because he a professor of anthropology and was “ looking for something different to do.”

All three core aspects of Symbolic Interactionism make up these individuals. Their volunteering effort in the Peace Corps will feel great because they will be in good company with others who think the same ideals and will have a very healthy looking class self as Mead and Blumer’s Symbolic Interactionism theory predicted.


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