Grant Writing/Film Funding Notes to Apply for Film Funds from the Government


-Why does the Government give us money? They owe it to you, political agendas.

– there are print publications about grant writing from the government.There is ways for marketing appeal to these grantors use persuasive words just like copyediting to get attention.

-There is a certain way the forms have to be submitted to the government-download the government application kit.

-The government will fund you less and the private or corporate more.

CGA format for government grants, WWW.NNG.ORG

1) Cover letter- intro, purpose of request, amount requested, closing

2) Cover sheet- key contact information, a glance of finances, mission statement, and grant request summary

3) Narrative-Five Pages maximum- history, accomplishments,current program’s benefit, description of request and change, goals, objectives.

– A Subsidy is a small business grant.

 A 502 plan is a grant for a house and a 504 plan is a home improvement grant for the elderly 62 and older.

-With this American Grant conferences over the phone they will Unlimited help you- try and get this number, Brainstorm with you, Unlimited research and review and revision and there reference library and proprietary website.1-888-809-5074,Rochester,NY 1-800-440-8775 Boca Raton,FL

-He said he would put this mother in the home to qualify for the 504 plan.

– Fannie Mae, Donald Trump, Have used Government Grants.

-“You rent because you want to”

– State grants are less money than federal but easier to get.

-Various Agencies that give grants(state) call govenors office.

Home Maintenance Incentive Rebate Program


Rural Development Grant-(state or federal?) Purpose-to construct or rehab business properties, to buy equipment, money for marketing and advertising


Microloan Program- Quick 35,000 amount of money.


Technical Assistance Grant for program operations and employee hire


-Historic Preservation Grant – invest in Historic Buildings and have the government pay! Where Do I Find the list of buildings in my state?


Low Doc Grant- To provide an easy quick loan for people starting their own business up to 150,000.00 (only a one page application!) – private sector money (corporations and corporate responsibility)– Catalog of federal domestic Assistance- where all government programs are, it is also at the library. are all websites to search corporate programs

Public Foundations are –independent tv,

-They can’t ask for credit information because it is not your money

-Call or write each funding source and ask for “Guidelines”.

The way to request :

Follow the funder grant application guidelines, begin introducing the organization/person needing funding, and Describe how grant funds will be used.

– the grant application and the grant request are the same generally.

– It may be easier to request a corporate grant for a person, people.

– a grant writer finds specific project needing monies, then identifies government agencies, foundations or corporations to approach and then asking the grantor for the money by request

– many organizations will only fund only one fund at a time.Grants are more or less rewarded not by emotional need but how important it seems”

Grant language

Annual campaigns – money spent to support annual operating expenses, infrastructure improvements and one time only expenses.

Capital Support – money for equipment 2-3 yrs for funding.

Challenge Monies – grant writers salary to doing work

Consulting Services – secure the use of these consulting companies to strengthen organizational programming (Long Range strategic plan)

Employee matching gifts – employer matches employee’s contributions to nonprofit.

Endowments– long term investments from a customer

Research – money research for medical or educational.

Seed Moneystarting money but needing additional money to continue.


State Agencies that regrant money are agriculture dept-, commerce dept-grants for job creation, economic growth,

education dept,health dept, housing development dept, transportation dept.department of labor- for welfare.

There is about 34,000 foundations in the U.S






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